Why PDFPrint Command Line is slow printing on Windows 10 system?

Hi All,

We have recently moved one our print processing PC's to Windows 10 from Windows 7.

Following this we have noticed at least a double in time to complete jobs. We use PDF print to print Word documents.

To test this, I have done the below;
Setup 2 identical Virtual machines - 1 Windows 10 and 1 Windows 7. (8 cores and 8GB of ram each)
Installed the same print driver - latest version
Installed the same version of office
Setup a script to print 4 word documents.

cd C:\*pdfprintinstalllocation*

pdfprint.exe -debug -printer "printer" -chgbin 257 c:\*doclocation*
pdfprint.exe -debug -printer "printer" -chgbin 257 c:\*doclocation*
pdfprint.exe -debug -printer "printer" -chgbin 257 c:\*doclocation*
pdfprint.exe -debug -printer "printer" -chgbin 257 c:\*doclocation*

I then timed how long it took the script to complete printing 4 word documents, 3 times and then calculated the average.

Windows 7 - 5.5 Seconds
Windows 10 - 13.5 Seconds

Please help!

Thanks for your message, do you have antivirus application installed on the Windows 10 system? if yes, you may turn off antivirus application to try again.

btw, the lots of Windows users said Windows 10 is slower than Windows 7, you may search "Why is windows 10 slower than win7" in google, you will get lots of relevant information. In general, you can use SSD to instead of machine hard disk, the SSD is running faster.


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