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I have a registered copy of DocPrint 4 which I purchased some time ago. I only have need to use docprint occasionally and when I do use it, it is very useful. However I am trying to create an emf file for background stationery I use for statements, invoices, reports etc. I use MS Word to create the background stationery then I select DocPrint for Printing and all seems to go well.  I can view the emf file well in Windows picture and Fax viewer and all is as I want. Unfortunately when I use the file as a background in conjunction with "Printfil" some of the text boxes are missing. If I run the same document on another PC with a trial copy of DocPrint 4 then I can produce the same emf file and all works well in Printfil.  I have downloaded your new DocPrint ver 5 to see if this works and it has the same problem.  When I have had a problem previously you said it was to do with a windows update.  I am in the peculiar position of having a registered and paid for copy of Docprint on my laptop which I cannot use. I now have to use the trial copy of Docprint via GoToMyPC on an older computer in my office 300 miles away to get a emf document. To add to this situation I only have three more uses of the trial product before it locks me out to say I need to buy a copy (which I already have)
Firstly is there anything you can help me with getting the docprint on my laptop to run ok?
Regards and many thanks
This problem maybe caused by font issue, for example, if your old computer has FontA, this FontA is used in EMF file, but new computer hasn't FontA, so the characters which render by FontA may not be shown correctly, you need install same fonts to both of your old computer and new computer, please notice this matter. If both computers have same folders, the EMF files will be shown correct on both your computers.


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