Bold text characters when print PDF file using PDFPrint Command Line


I am currently evaluating some of your software products for my company. We are running tests using PDFPrint Command Line and ps2pdf. Both products look like they will work in our application, but I have one concern about PDFPrint. In our tests, we have noticed that PDFPrint prints all content a little darker than it should be. For most content this is not noticeable, but for some fonts, it makes them look different. (see the attachment fontDiff.pdf)

The document at the top is printed with PDFPrint, the document at the bottom was printed with Adobe Reader. All the fonts printed with PDFPrint are darker, but the font "Colonna MT" in particular looks different.

I am using PDFPrint (released 8/2/2013) I have tried many combinations of PDFPrint command line parameters without any improvement. (e.g.: xres, yres, raster, raster2, antifont, preproc, winfont)

I have also attached the original document for reference: (font_test9.pdf)

Please let me know if there are any settings I can use to correct this issue.


Please run following command lines to print your PDF file again,

pdfprint.exe -shell C:\test.pdf
pdfprint.exe -shell2 C:\test.pdf
pdfprint.exe -raster2 C:\test.pdf
pdfprint.exe -vector C:\test.pdf
pdfprint.exe -printermargins -raster2 C:\test.pdf
pdfprint.exe -raster2 -rasterbwtext -rasterbitcount 1 -xres 150 -yres 150 C:\input.pdf
pdfprint.exe -useembedfont C:\test.pdf

To get color printing with raster mode, please use the following command line,

pdfprint.exe -raster2 -rasterbitcount 16 -xres 150 -yres 150
pdfprint.exe -raster2 -rasterbitcount 24 -xres 150 -yres 150

Can you print your PDF file properly with one of above command lines?


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