How to use PDFStamp COM Interfaces? How to install PDFStamp SDK into my system?

I am trying to install and use PDFstamp on a Win2012 R2 server for use on a 64 bit IIS webserver running classic asp. After downloading PDFstamp I saw several possible installation files and was not at all sure which I should use. in the root I saw a folder Win64 and in there it said to run "../bin/install_for_x64.bat" to register PDFStampCom.exe first, then you can run "test-pdfstampcom-x64.vbs" to test the stamp functions. I did that and the test seemed to work, several .pdfs were produced, so it looks like the pdfstampcom is registered. I also saw in the bin folder install_for_asp.bat and install_for_x64.bat. As I had chosen to run the one I mentioned above I did not run either of these.

When I try to run a couple of the examples (modified for my drive and folder structures) I get errors. The example_for_html5/canvas.html runs the on screen box and drawing, then when I try to save I get the pop-up that says what input and output pdf files it will use but then but it says "ReferenceError: ActiveXObject not defined" and "This error occurred while trying to load PDFstampCOM". If I try to run the .asp example from your website (modified for my drive/folder/file structure), I get an error "object required" on the line id = oTest.veryOpenEx(szPDFFile, ".. filename .."). These both seem to suggest that it is not finding PDFstampCOM?

What should I do? Am I using the wrong install file given that I want to use in classic asp though on a 64 bit platform? Do I need to give permissions to something or set some configuration option on the website? Something else?

Your product looks like it will do what I need and I have spent hours trying to get it working in test mode, prior to purchasing for production, so I am hoping you can help me out.

I am hoping to do a demo on Friday so if you were able to respond before then it would be most helpful.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you.

PDFStamp SDK contains two COM interfaces, one is PDFStampOcx.dll file, another is PDFStampCom.exe file.

PDFStampOcx.dll is a COM interface which based on PdfStamp.dll library, it can only be called from 32bit applications.

PDFStampCom.exe is also a COM interface which based on PdfStamp.dll too, it can be called from both 32bit and 64bit applications.

You can run following command lines with administrator privilege to register them into your system,

regsvr32 PDFStampOcx.dll

PDFStampCom.exe /regserver

If you wish to call PDFStampOcx.dll from a 32bit application, you can use following sample code,
Set oTest = CreateObject("PDFStampOCX.CPDFStamp")
id=oTest.veryOpenEx("D:\verypdf.pdf", "D:\out.pdf")
if id>0 then
oTest.veryAddTextEx id, 2, "This is a test.", 2666666,17, 0, 200, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 32, 0, 0, 0
oTest.veryCloseEx id
end if

If you wish to call PDFStampCom.exe from both 32bit and 64bit applications, you can use following sample code,
Set pdfstamp = CreateObject("PDFStampCOM.CPDFStamp")
pdfstamp.veryRegEx "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
id = pdfstamp.veryOpenEx("D:\verypdf.pdf", "D:\out.pdf")
If (id <= 0) Then
End If

nRet = pdfstamp.veryAddTextEx(id, 2, "VeryPDF", 255, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 300, 0, 10, 1, "", 0)
pdfstamp.veryCloseEx (id)

As you see, PDFStampOcx.dll is "PDFStampOCX.CPDFStamp" and PDFStampCom.exe is "PDFStampCOM.CPDFStamp", you can call the different version of PDFStamp COM interface from your applications easily.

the test.asp file is using following code,

Set oTest = Server.CreateObject("PDFStampOCX.CPDFStamp")

so, you need run "regsvr32 PDFStampOcx.dll" to register PDFStampOcx.dll into your system first, then you can run test.asp code to stamp PDF files easily.

Please notice, in order to get both PDFStampOcx.dll and PDFStampCom.exe files to work fine, you need keep following files into same folder, because PDFStampOcx.dll and PDFStampCom.exe will load the necessary DLL files from same folder,


If you still can't get it work, please feel free to let us know.


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