Does pdfstamp.exe has an option (that Acrobat DC has) to shrink page contents (or resize paper size) to a PDF document?

When I create a footer in Acrobat DC Pro, there's an option to shrink the document so that my new footer is placed below the document, instead of being placed on top of an existing footer.

The option window has the following text in it (with checkboxes):
Appearance Options
[ ] Shrink document to avoid overwriting the document's text and graphics
[ ] Keep position and size of header/footer text constant when printing on different page sizes
OK Cancel

Does pdfstamp.exe include an option to "Shrink document to avoid overwriting the document's text and graphics"?


Thanks for your message, pdfstamp.exe hasn't an option to shrink PDF page contents yet, but you can use "Advanced PDF Tools Command Line" to shrink PDF page contents, please look at following web page for more information,

You can run following command line to shrink page contents before stamp it,

pdftools -i "C:\input.pdf" -o "C:\output.pdf" -j "60% 70% true"

Where the first parameter means to set page content to 60% of the page width and the second parameter to 70% of the page height, and the third parameter is a Boolean type value to set whether to center on page.


You can also use

pdftools -i "C:\input.pdf" -o "C:\output.pdf" -j "60 70 true"    

to set page content, where 60 and 70 are not scales, but the real size of the content.

You may also look at following web pages for more information about how to shrink or resize PDF page contents,


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