PDF Print Command Line Issue: Inconsistent Printing Quality

We encountered an issue w/ verypdf application where it is not printing exactly what is in pdf file.

Attached is the file (rsiS19023.pdf) that we use to print with the application.  You can see the output that is in the 2nd attachment file, page 1.  Page 2 is the print out from Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.

Comparing the two outputs, you'll notice that:
1. The image is not on the center of paper
2. Soft lines did not get printed out, causing inaccuracy of print out

Given these issues are very critical as it is expected to print out 100% as is, as to not misled the ones who will be getting the print out.

I have indicated the order# in the subject line for your reference.

Looking forward for your response with my team included that we would be able to address this issue as it is critical as you can see.
Please run following command lines to print this PDF file,

pdfprint.exe -shell C:\test.pdf
pdfprint.exe -shell2 C:\test.pdf
pdfprint.exe -raster2 -paper 1 C:\test.pdf

Can you print this PDF file properly with above command lines?

We were able to print out the file on our end-user's printer and attached is the result.  The page output on the file represents the following:

pdfprint.exe -shell C:\test.pdf - PAGE #1
pdfprint.exe -shell2 C:\test.pdf - PAGE #2
pdfprint.exe -raster2 -paper 1 C:\test.pdf   -PAGE #3

When the "raster" argument is use, we encounter the issue where the symbols are showing as squares and the base line is cut-off.

I re-attached the email I sent last time where the original file is in it.
We have solved this problem to you, please download the new version from our website to try again,

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