How to get header summary information from a PDF file?


How can you tell if the PDF has the summary headers and how do you include them in the PDF if they are not available?

We have a client that was sending PDF with headers before but made an update to their PDF creation tool and the headers are no longer available. They wanted to know how to include them back.

Below is the header summary that I am talking about.

Filename : C0113216.TEST.LTR.1ie_renew_en_PG2_0010_20230406133724.pdf
Title :
Author :
Subject :
Keywords :
Creator : VeryPDF Ltd.
Producer : VeryPDF.Pdf for .NET 6.6
Created Date : D:20230406133723-05'00
Modified Date: D:20230406133724-05'00
SavedBy :
Encrypt : No
Version : 1.7
Filesize : 3510908
Page Count : 120



Thanks for your message, we suggest you may download the trial version of "Advanced PDF Tools Command Line" software from following web page to try,

after you download it, you can run following command line to show the detailed information from your PDF file, for example,

pdftools.exe -r -i D:\Downloads\00027.PDF

With above command line, you will able to retrieve following information from your PDF file,

pdftools.exe -r -i D:\Downloads\00027.PDF
D:\Downloads\00027.PDF ==> D:\Downloads\00027.PDF.bak
PDF FileName   : D:\Downloads\00027.PDF
PDF Version    : 1.4
PDF Security   : 0
PDF PageCount  : 1
MediaBox       :
page 0 MediaBox:[0 0 737 575]
CropBox        :
OpenAction     : Magnification: Default
Title          :
Keywords       :
Subject        :
Creator        : VeryPDF SPL to PDF Converter Command Line, Build: May  6 2020
Author         :
CreatedDate    : D:20230927174927+04'00'
Producer       : VeryPDF SPL to PDF Converter Command Line (
ModifyDate     : D:20230927174927+04'00'
SavedBy        :
Rotate         :
PageMode       :
ViewReference  :
PageLayout     :
MetaData       :

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