Question about pdfprint tray selection - OK!

I have a problem with the option -chgbin of the pdfprint product, the printer doesn’t react as I expect.

I start with the command:

pdfprint -listbins -printer "\\FS07-1\Xerox Global Print Driver PCL"
The output is:
Available bins/trays in "\\FS07-1\Xerox Global Print Driver PCL" printer:
15: Automatically Select
4: Bypass
260: Tray 1
259: Tray 2
258: Tray 3
257: Tray 4

After that I tried to select Tray 4 with this command-line:

pdfprint -chgbin 257 -printer "\\FS07-1\Xerox Global Print Driver PCL"  "c:\temp\document.pdf"

I also tried the opion –papersource “Tray 4” …, but that didn’t work either.

It works fine when I use Adobe Reader to open this file and select tray 4 in the printerproperties and print it.

I hope you have a solution for me!
Please by following solutions to try again,

1. Please add -debug parameter,
2. Please use IP address to instead of computer name,
3. Please give full control permission to Everyone user account to this network printer,

pdfprint -debug -chgbin 257 -printer "\\\Xerox Global Print Driver PCL"  "c:\temp\document.pdf"

if you still have same problem, please email to us the log message, after we checked the log message, we will figure out a solution to you asap.

Thanks for your response.

I tried all your suggestions and it works! The solution was to change the permissions for ‘Everyone’.
After I changed that, there was a line the log Found bin/tray by number, [257, Tray 4],
See the attachment for the debug info.

With regards,
Thanks for your great information.

Have a nice day!

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2 Responses to Question about pdfprint tray selection - OK!

  1. Phuc Vo says:

    Hi, we have similar problem. We want to deploy the software in to a large network infrastructuur. But, the solution to set the "manage printer" permission to "everyone" is not acceptable. Our network printers now have Microsoft standard permission (print). We don't want to give users more permissions than that. Are there any other solutions?

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    • VeryPDF says:

      If you don't want give "Full Control" permission to "Everyone" user account, you need at least give "Full Control" permission to the user account the you execute the printing, for example, if you will print the PDF document from UserA account, you need give full control permission to UserA account.

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