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VeryPDF HTML Converter user manual

VeryPDF HTML Converter is a powerful HTML conversion product. It allows you to create previews or thumbnails of web pages in a number of different formats, such as TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, TGA, JP2 (JPEG2000), PNM, etc. It also allows you to convert web pages to PDF, PS (postscript), WMF, EMF vector formats.

VeryPDF HTML Converter doesn't depend on print drivers it renders web pages quickly and accurately. VeryPDF HTML Converter is the right HTML converter solution to be setup on web-servers, used from service, launched within other programs from the command line. With VeryPDF HTML Converter, you can also use batch converting if you deal with large amount of files.

Key Benefits:

Screen Shots:

The demo version of VeryPDF HTML Converter is a fully functional product with all features required for testing available. After you are convinced that the program fits your needs, you are strongly encouraged to purchase and register your copy of the software by acquiring a personal unlock key, the demo version has watermark in the generated PDF, PS, TIFF, JPEG, PCX, BMP, etc. files. In your evaluate period, you may click "Try" button to evaluate this software.

Main GUI Interface:
Add File(s)
: Add document files into file list.
Setting: Set conversion options.
Start: Start to convert document files.
Move Up: Adjust file's order with previous item.
Move Down: Adjust file's order with next item.
Close: Exit VeryPDF HTML Converter software.
Register: Input your registration key into HTML Converter, then you can use it without any limitation.
View Documents: View selected documents.
Delete Selected Items: Delete the selected items from the file list.
Delete All items: Remove all document files from file list.
View Conversion Log: View the log file for the conversion.

1.You may click File List Header to sort the file's order in the generated PDF file.
2.Drag and drop files from Windows Explorer.

Base Setting options:
Output format: Select a format for batch output.
Rotate angle: Rotate pages within conversion.
Web browser's width/height: set the width and height the Web Browser control, if Width/height is 0, then use the full width/height of the html page. The browser window size will affect the html document size in some way.
Timeout: The time out value in seconds for HTML Converter. Using this to avoid hang.
Delay Time: The time value in seconds to wait after a html document is downloaded. Sometimes, a page contains ActiveX like flash, which takes some time to initialize. This method can be used to control the timing to capture the content of the dynamic embeded objects.
HTML Link's Level: Convert HTML and its sub-pages to other formats.
Enable Unicode: Enable Unicode for HTML to EMF and EMF to PDF/PS Conversion.
Enable ActiveX: Determine if ActiveX is enabled on the html page.
Enable RclBounds: Use rclBounds to instead of rclFrame within HTML to EMF and EMF to PDF/PS Conversion.
Enable Java: Determine if Java is enabled on the html page.
Enable Scripts: Determine if Script is enabled on the html page.
Image Color Depth: Set the color depth for the image formats (TIFF, JPEG, PCX, BMP, etc.) within conversion.
Image Resolution: Set the DPI resolution for the image formats (TIFF, JPEG, PCX, BMP, etc.) within conversion.
Page Size: Set the paper size for PDF output.
Height/Width: Set paper height and width for Customize Paper Size.
Auto calculate PDF paper size: Calculate the PDF paper size automatically.
Margins: Set paper margins for Left, Top, Right, Bottom sides.
Portrait/Landscape: Set the page orientation for PDF output.
View after conversion: View PDF file as soon as it be created.

Save PDF Mode:
Combine Documents into one PDF file: Combine all files which in the file list into one PDF file.
Convert multiple Documents to multiple PDF files: Convert to PDF files for each image file.
Convert multiple directories to multiple PDF files: Convert to PDF files for each directory.

Always ask for filename: Always require user input the PDF filename.
Save to original directories with corresponding filename: The PDF file be generated in the original directory.
Save to following directory or filename: Special the output filename or file path.

Set PDF information:
Set Title, Subject, Author, Keywords information into created PDF file.

Set security options to the generated PDF file.



Technical Support:

If you have any technical questions, suggests, bug reports, please contact us (http://support.verypdf.com/).