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Flash to JPG Converter Command Line

Many videos broadcasted online are saved as Adobe Shockwave Flash (SWF) technology and you may want to convert the files of flash to JPG format images. So Flash to JPG Converter Command Line will be a good helper to you.

Flash to JPG Converter Command Line is free to be downloaded and evaluated. It is developed for advanced server and developer users. If you need to run the application on a server, you can buy a server license. If you want to redistribute the application in your developed software package, please buy a developer license.

This application is a MS-DOS command prompt interface oriented one, and you just need to unpack the package when download the application to your computer and the executable file in the application is runnable at once.

To convert flash to JPG, you should open the MS-DOS command line prompt window first. You should click “Start”—“Run” and input “cmd” in “Open” edit box of the “Run” dialog box. Then please click “OK” button. You can also use the hot key “Window”+ “R” to open the “Run” dialog box.

In the popup command line prompt window, you should input the commands to convert flash to JPG. There is a basic one that you can take as the reference. Please look at the following one:

swf2img.exe -in one.swf -out two.jpg

In the command line, “swf2img.exe” is the name of the executable file, option “-in” indicates the name of the source SWF file “one.swf”, and “-out” options indicates the name for the target converted JPG images, “two.jpg”. Then the output images will be saved with name composed of “two” and following continuous number, such as two0001.jpg.

Please see the example commands in the command prompt window in Figure1, which can help you understand the process better.


commands for converting flash to jpg
Figure 1

The commands in it are:

"C:\Documents and Settings\admin\My Documents\Downloads\swftoimage_cmd\swf2img.exe" -in "C:\Program Files\VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter v3.0\SampleAnimations\Slide10.swf" -out test.jpg

"C:\Documents and Settings\admin\My Documents\Downloads\swftoimage_cmd\swf2img.exe"

is the file path of the executable of the application.

"C:\Program Files\VeryDOC PowerPoint Converter v3.0\SampleAnimations\Slide10.swf"

stands for the file path of the source file.

out test.jpg
is the name of the target file. Of course, here you can set the directory for the target file.

Then please click “Enter” button on the keyboard and you will see the converting process like the one showed in Figure2.


Converting process
Figure 2

Flash to JPG Converter Command Line supports these options:

  • -in: specify input SWF file name
  • -out: specify output image file name
  • -width and –height: set the width and height of converted image
  • -timer: set the capture interval of conversion, in unit of millisecond
  • -hidewindow: hide the progress dialog during conversion
  • -$: register the application with a registration key
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