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PDF Page Content Splitter

PDF Page Content Splitter, just as its name implies, it is an application that can split PDF files by the text content of PDF pages. In fact, it is used to split PDF files by the content in specified position of PDF page. This application is useful for splitting large invoice, payroll, and report sheet PDF file to small PDF files in categories.

The application is free for trial, you can download and install it for free, and get a trial for limited times. Run the application, then you will see the main interface as shown in Figure 1. The following words will show how to use PDF Page Content Splitter.

main interface of PDF Page Content Splitter

Figure 1

In the top part of the interface, the File List is used to list PDF files that are waiting for being processed. Buttons Add, Remove and Clear under the file list are operation buttons to add and remove items of the file list. Up and Down buttons are for sorting the items in the file list.

Click button Rule and you will see the first PDF file in the file list previewed in the Rule window displayed in Figure 2. In the previewed PDF page, select one key text, and you will see a button that says Make it be the rule. Click the button, the application will remember the selected text and its position in PDF page. To use the rule, please give a name and click Save Rule As.

Create rule for splitting

Figure 2

In the main interface, choose a saved rule in dropdown list Rule Name, set a directory to save the split PDF files as Output Folder, and then choose a Split Method in the dropdown list. Click button Split and then the added PDF files in the file list will be split by the selected rule.

Using the rule Split when the next page has different text in the specified position, the application will search and compare the text in given position of all pages, and split the PDF when find the next page has the text in the given position different from the one in the current page. PDF Page Content Splitter is useful for splitting a PDF file that has similar page layouts and text content where the difference is, e.g., name or date. Split the PDF file by name and distribute to the person of the names will be much easier.

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