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VeryPDF Encrypt PDF


Encrypt PDF

  • Secure PDF with passwords
  • Control the use of your PDF
  • Do NOT need Adobe Acrobat
Free Online PDF DRM Security
Free Online PDF DRM Security

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Version 2.3

How to use GUI version VeryPDF Encrypt PDF?

VeryPDF Encrypt PDF is a useful and easy tool which can help you secure your PDF files. With the help of Encrypt PDF, you can set owner passwords to prevent unauthorized users printing, coping, editing, changing PDF files. You can also set open passwords to prevent PDF files from opening. The following shows how to use the GUI version of Encrypt PDF to set an open password and an owner password for PDF files in a batch. Three steps are required.

1. Run Encrypt PDF

Please double click the icon of Encrypt PDF on your desktop. The interface of Encrypt PDF will appear on the screen without delay. The illustration below shows the interface of Encrypt PDF.

the interface of VeryPDF Encrypt PDF

2. Set Options

Click the second button Setting under the list box on the interface. The dialog box as illustrated below pops out, and you can set options for protecting your PDF files.
To set an open/user password, please type a password in the edit box after User Password.
To set a master/owner password, please type a password in the edit box after Mater Password. > Click the check boxes under Permission. >After that, please click OK.

set pdf passwords

3. Input and Export PDF Files

To input PDF files, you can select the PDF files you want to encrypt, drag them from Windows Explorer and drop them into the list box on the interface. Or you can click the Open PDF(s) button to open a dialog box, select PDF files in the dialog box and then click Open.
The Browse for Folder dialog box will appear immediately on the desktop, requiring you to select a folder to output the result encrypt PDF files into. Please specify a folder and click OK. The computer will instantly secure your PDF files with passwords.

4. Command line operations

To learn how to use the command line version and the COM version, please read the related articles: Encrypt PDF COM/DLL User manual and Encrypt PDF Command Line Options.

Video Tutorial

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