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PCL to Image Converter Shell for Linux $125.00


PCL to Image Converter Shell

for Linux

  • Convert PCL to image.
  • Fast speed and high quality.
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1. Download and install 2. How to use 3. Command line options

PCL to Image Converter Shell for Linux is a tool designed for running on Linux system. It is for converting the print spool files to image formats such as PCL to JPG via command commands.

1. Download and install

Please enter its homage page to download the application. Executable file and all components are packed in one single package, and the application is instantly runnable after unpacking the package. Then the executable file PCL2image in unpacked package will be available and it is the called program in the conversion.

2. How to use

There is a simple guide about how to use PCL to JPG Shell for Linux to convert PCL to JPG format image.
Firstly, please open your term on Linux system and then you need to input the commands into term for converting PCL to JPG.
The commands are easy enough and it only contains three parts: called program, source file and target file, all of which make up the following commands template:

./pcl2image –i a.pcl –o b.jpg

In the template,
./pcl2image stands for called program, –i a.pcl stands for the source file and –o b.jpg stands for target file.

To apply the commands template, you can see the following commands example:

./pcl2image -i ./pcl/rect.pcl -o ./test/1.jpg –r 800x500 –b 8

In the commands,

./pcl2image stands for the path of called program.
-i ./pcl/rect.pcl stands for the path of input PCL document. Please don't forget the option "–i" before the path.
-o ./test/1.jpg stands for the path of target file and the option "–o" cannot be ignored, either.
–r 800x500 is to set image resolution as 800 DPI in horizontal direction and 500 DPI in vertical direction.
–b 8 is to set color depth as 8-bit.
Lastly, please hit "Enter" button to run the conversion from PCL to image and those are all the operations about the conversion by using PCL to JPG Shell for Linux.

3. Command line options:

-i <string>: Specify input file, mandatory
-o <string>: Specify output file name, mandatory
-gw <integer>: Set width in pixel, optional
-gh <integer>:  Set height in pixel, optional
-r <h>x<v>: Set resolution in DPI, optional
-b <integer>: Set color depth with number 1, 8 or 24, optional
-c <integer>: Set compression method for TIFF, optional
		-c 0: Create TIFF file without compression
		-c 1: Compress TIFF using packbits arithmetic
		-c 2: Compress TIFF using Lempel-Ziv-Welch-1
		-c 3: Compress TIFF using Lempel-Ziv-Welch-2
		-c 4: Compress TIFF using CCITT Group 3 (1 D)
		-c 5: Compress TIFF using CCITT Group 3 (2 D)
		-c 6: Compress TIFF using CCITT Group 4
		-c 7: Compress TIFF using ZIP
-faxtif <integer>: Convert normal TIFF to fax TIFF, optional
		-faxtif 0: YResolution = 98.
		-faxtif 1: YResolution = 196.
-$ <string>: Register this application
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