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VeryPDF DXF to HPGL Converter

VeryPDF DXF to HPGL Converter can help you convert multiple DXF files to HPHL files in batch. It does not require a CAD software environment, and can run well in any Window operating system from Windows 2000 to Windows 7.

With the help of VeryPDF DXF to HPGL Converter, you can easily set output image page size, resolution, color and fonts when you create HPGL from DXF. You can also set an option to create an HPGL file from each view of the DXF file. If you don't want to append suffix to the filename of a single page file, you can set option to avoid that.

To download this tool, please click VeryPDF DXF to HPGL Converter. After you install it on your computer, you can use it to create HPGL files from DXF files as follows:

    1.Open VeryPDF DXF to HPGL Converter

    You can choose either of the following ways to open VeryPDF DXF to HPGL    Converter:

  • Double click the icon on the desktop.
  • Right click the icon with the mouse, and then click Open on the drop-down listing.
  • Then, you the interface of VeryPDF DXF to HPGL Converter as illustrated below will appear on the desktop. Please take the following four steps to convert DXF to HPGL.


the interface of VeryPDF DXF to HPGL Converter
    2.Input DXF files
  • Click the button Open in the interface of VeryPDF DXF to HPGL Converter to open the Choose files to convert dialog box.
  • In the Choose files to convert dialog box, click on the icon of one DXF file, and press Enter to add the DXF files one by one to the main interface. Or you select them all first and then press Enter.

    3.Specify output format and folder
  • Click on the Output Type combo box and then select HPGL from the drop-down listing that appears.
  • Click the icon after the Output Folder edit box, then select or create a folder in the Browse For Folder dialog box that pops out.

  • 4.Set options
  • To set general options, you need to click boxes in the General tab control. You can set color mode, create a HPGL file from each view within a DXF file, and avoid adding affix to the filename of a single page file.
  • To set resolution, page size and page size, you should click the Advanced tab to switch to the Advanced tab control first, and then click buttons there.

  • 5.Start conversion
  • Click the button Convert and then you can start creating HPFL files from DXF files. Meanwhile, you can view the conversion process in the progress under this button.

    To view the features list and the price list of VeryPDF DXF to HPGL Converter, please go back to the homepage.
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