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Do you want to convert DXF to PDF? VeryPDF DXF to PDF Converter is one of your best choices. As an independent application, VeryPDF DXF to PDF Converter can run well with neither CAD software applications like AutoCAD, nor Adobe applications like Adobe Acrobat. VeryPDF DXF to PDF Converter supports batch conversion and output setting.

Sometimes, a DXF file may contain multiple views. Some of you may want to convert such a DXF file to a single PDF file, while some of you may want to convert each view within such a DXF file to a PDF file. VeryPDF DXF to PDF Converter can help you solve all the problems. You can download this tool by clicking VeryPDF DXF to PDF Converter. After you run this tool, you will see the interface as the illustration below. Please take four steps to create PDF from DXF.


convert DXF to PDF
    1.Input DXF files
  • If the DXF files you want to convert are in the same folder, you can do as follows: click the Open button to open the Choose files to convert dialog box >browse the folder in the dialog box > keep pressing the left key of the mouse down and select all the DXF file > press Enter. Then all the DXF files will be displayed in the list box of the main interface.
  • If the DXF files are in different folders, you may need to input the files one by one. Please click Open > click on the icon of a DXF file > press Enter. You can repeat the three steps until you add all the DXF files to the main interface.

    2.Specify the output folder

    The default output format is PDF, so, you don't need to set output format in this case. To specify the output folder, you can do as follows: click the folder icon on the right hand of the Output Folder edit box > create a new folder or select an existing folder in the Browse For Folder dialog box that appears > press Enter.


    3.Set options

    There are two tabs in the tab control: the General tab and the Advanced tab. You can click the tabs to switch between the corresponding tab controls.
    If you want to create a PDF from each view within an original DXF file, or if you prefer your computer to add no affix to the files name when convert single page DXF to PDF; you can select options in the General tab control.
    If you want to set page height and width, set resolution and set fonts, you can click buttons in the Advanced tab control.


    4.Start conversion

    Just click the Convert button, and your computer will prompt to create PDF from DXF.

    These are the steps you should take to convert DXF to PDF. If you want to get more information about VeryPDF DXF to PDF Converter, or want to get the full version, please visit VeryPDF DWG to Vector Converter.
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