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VeryPDF TIFF Toolkit


TIFF Toolkit

  • Compress TIFF images to reduced size.
  • Merge multiple TIFF images to one.
  • Split multipage TIFF to separate pages.

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Version 2.2

VeryPDF TIFF Toolkit contains a GUI application and some command line tools. This page will show you how to use the command line tools. You may visit the following three pages to see the usage guides of GUI.

The following paragraphs are about the usage of command line utilities.

1. Split multipage TIFF 2. Merge multiple TIFF 3.Compress TIFF
4. Convert color to gray 5. View TIFF information 6. Verify TIFF files

Split multipage TIFF to single-page TIFF

Application: tiffsplit.exe

Usage: tiffsplit input.tif [prefix]

Function: Split (multipage TIFF) input.tif to single-page TIFF prefix0001/0002.tiff.

tiffsplit a.tif b

The a.tif is a three-page TIFF, and the output single-page TIFF files will be named b0001.tif, b0002.tif, and b0003.tif.

Merge multiple TIFF files to one multipage TIFF file

Application: tiffcp.exe

Usage: tiffcp [options] <input TIFF>

Functions: Use option "-a" to merge an output TIFF file to an existing TIFF file.


Compress TIFF files

Application: tiffcmp.exe

Usage: tiffcmp [options] file1 file2

Function: Compare the two input TIFF files (file1 and file2).


-l     list each byte of image data that differs between the files

-z #   list specified number of bytes that differs between the files

-t     ignore any differences in directory tags

Convert color TIFF to gray TIF

Application: tiff2bw.exe

Usage: tiff2bw [options] <input>

Function: Convert input color TIFF images to output gray TIFF images.

General options:

-R %            use #% from red channel

-G %            use #% from green channel

-B %            use #% from blue channel

-r #            make each strip have no more than # rows

-c lzw[:opts]   compress output with Lempel-Ziv & Welch encoding

-c zip[:opts]   compress output with deflate encoding

-c packbits     compress output with packbits encoding

-c g3[:opts]    compress output with CCITT Group 3 encoding

-c g4           compress output with CCITT Group 4 encoding

-c none         use no compression algorithm on output

LZW and deflate options:

#               set predictor value

View TIFF information

Application: tiffinfo.exe

Usage: tiffinfo [options] <input TIFF>

Function: Display information of one or more TIFF files.


-D           read data

-i           ignore read errors

-c           display data for grey/color response curve or colormap

-d           display raw/decoded image data

-f lsb2msb   force lsb-to-msb FillOrder for input

-f msb2lsb   force msb-to-lsb FillOrder for input

-j           show JPEG tables

-o offset    set initial directory offset

-r           read/display raw image data instead of decoded data

-s           display strip offsets and byte counts

-w           display raw data in words rather than bytes

-z           enable strip chopping

-#           set initial directory (first directory is # 0)

Verify TIFF files

Application: tiffdump.exe

Application: tiffdump.exe [-h] [-o offset] [-m maxitems] file.tif ...

Function: Display verbatim contents of the TIFF directory in a file, which is useful for debugging bogus TIFF files.


-h     Force numeric data to be printed in hexadecimal rather than the default decimal.

-o     Dump the contents of the IFD at the a particular file offset. The file offset may be specified using hexadecimal (0x##) and octal (0##) format.

Above paragraphs are the usage guides of VeryPDF TIFF Toolkit command line tools.

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